Thursday, November 19, 2009

offering FREE English Proofreading

My latest "thing" has been the avalanche of bad WA in the digiscrap community, and to help address it, I have offered a FREE English proofreading service. It only takes a second for me to read it and correct it, but is the difference between an American or English customer buying a kit, or not buying, I think.

(I should also offer it to native speakers, since the difference between its and it's must be hard for some people to distinguish.)


  1. What a great and generous idea! Has anybody taken your offer yet? I might have to take you up on that one day. :)

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment. You made my day.

    By the way, LOVE your blog! Almost every entry cracked me up, especially your About Me. You should update it more often. I'm becoming a fan. LOL!

  2. Echoing Pom here. I love this service you are offering! I also see a lot of "your" when it should be "you're" aside from the "its" and "it's" and "whose" and "who's".

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. oh great!! Wow so awesome! You are a darling to offer that. I hope you will get much response. I am hopping over to a German forum to advert your service there!!

  4. Hi! Got your comment on my blog ! I don't have any layered frames but I do have "chipboard" frames :). Maybe those are the ones?

  5. Ohh I am sorry but the giveaway contest ended yday at 11:59 PM Central time.. you were a little late.. but we will be having more of these kind of giveaways in the future. make sure to drop by then. Thanks again for playing. ohh I like your service.

  6. Haha! Great service...I see typos all the time (and many of these are from native speakers) and it really bugs me too. I'm a "math" person but I know my grammar and spelling!
    You've seen Eats, Shoots & Leaves right?

  7. that's a great idea Suzy! I'm a bit OCD about grammar I'm afraid - esp. apostrophes, so this will make me calmer if there are less mistakes out there, LOL:D
    Also, as a UK gal, if a kit/WA has US spellings, I won't buy it, so it's DEF something designers should be thiking about.
    Actually, thinking about it, as a CT member creating WAs, maybe I should do a US version as well as UK when nec. LOL!!!!
    Bernie x

  8. Oh my I am sure I could use this service... I speak English but seriously my grammar is blech...

    I have one request you asked about my CU TOU on my blog... I will be happy to send you a copy of it if you could please email me from my blog...

    I will also ensure the CU TOU is posted on the site...

  9. I have ArtRage Studio Pro and I'm not sure what are the advantages over the Studio versions, but I'm V E R Y happy with the features! And I love also that I can hop over to Photoshop and back to ArtRage with an eye blinking.

    Oh, I read your post here and I would love to take advantage of this service. And I also neeeeeed to practice my spoken English...would love to find an american lady to talk a little bit... may be messenger? or skype?? mail me please... silemcke at gmail
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments on my blog! I love these comments!!

  10. hi there! Great to hear from you on my blog!
    Aimee's had a hard time with her mum passing and there hasn't been anything much happening on the forum, but I believe she is back designing now, and is exclusive at DD - she has a spotlight coming up so maybe keep an eye open for her there!!
    We are selling our house and now looking for a new one - it's a tiring business!!
    Oh and if you're interested in learning stuff on pse (believe there may be other prog(s) coverd too, but obviously I use pse so only looked for that!) then do pop over the Hummie's World! I already knew quite a bit of stuff but even there I learn new ways of actually using that knowledge, so it's great!! Lovely friendly place as well! Take care and hope all is well with you - how's the proof-reading business taken off? I thought that was such a great idea!
    Bernie x

  11. Hah! Your service is cracking me up--and yes, it's sorely needed (in general)...

  12. morning!
    are you a member at DST or Digichick or PickleberryPop? We could PM emails then...?

    haven't heard from Aimee in a while so am quite worried about her :( Shame about DD - haven't been there in a while either, LOL, it must have been really bad whatever it was! Aimee was due to have a spotlight there too...not getting that won't have done her any good either...I was hoping it'd give her something to focus on while she works through her mum's passing....

    Gotta run - almost time to take DD2 to school!

    It's nice to hear from you on my blog mind you - some of the only comments I get, LOL!!!!
    take care,
    Bernie x

  13. Now that I'm back from my trip home to Canada. I must also mention that their are some major spelling differences between Canadian english and American english. colour vs color... often using re at the tend of the word vs er. That type of stuff. A great idea to offer this service... though I think it would be nice for the designers whose work you correct give you that kit for free! :)